Update 7: Marketing

So I’ve been doing whatever I can to spread the word about the guide. I’ve been tweeting, posting, emailing educational professionals, the works. If you can help out, please do!


Update 1: General Strategy and Question Classification

My initial idea of the best way to tackle the SAT math section in a way that could make sense to the average student taking the test was to devise a system of tagging each question as a particular type of question, since most of the SAT question can (in my opinion) fall into one of five or so broad categories. I also thought it would be important to draw people’s attention to the extraneous information some questions can have, which is why the first few pages of the guide are dedicated to outlining both of those concepts. I plan on revisiting these sections as I create more content and adding to the extraneous information section and possibly even the question classification section.

General Strategy

I was shooting for a minimalistic but aesthetically comforting design, hence the two color template scheme.

Question Classification

Next update will have some of my worked examples (which I’m a little nervous about because I only have a vague idea of what I’m doing and I’ll be perfecting them as I go).

EDIT: I have done ZERO spell checking on these. There are glaring errors you probably notice after two seconds. I’m saving the editing process for after I get a good portion of the guide done.