Update 4: Abstractive Reasoning Example

This was the most difficult example to effectively explain. I had to stop and think about the solution method for quite some time, and if I can’t immediately discern how to solve a math problem, it’s generally fairly difficult. Anyway, I found myself having to explain the general idea behind calculating ranges of values based on given restrictions. The restrictions weren’t actually explicitly given, but had to be extrapolated from given mode and median values, and then we had to calculate the minimum and maximum values for a range of possible means. I procrastinated doing this example for a while just because I was like “uuuuuuuuuungngngngngh I DON’T WANNA,” which is childish but understandable after doing 16 of these. Anyway, I have a feeling that as the questions get more difficult, “Abstractive Reasoning” will crop up more often.Heavy-Hitting Example

I was hoping to get more done during this week, but true to form, I was lazy and had less demanding things to do, so the only progress I made this week was what I did in class on Friday. Better luck next week, hopefully.


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